Thursday, 19 April 2007

I Have to Confess. I'm a Geek.

Whenever I make a purchase, whether it's a camera, a fishing rod or any accessory I always research my for a significant time in advance. Whenever I go on holiday I research the place for hours before I go. When I bought my car I read review and technical specs of every comparable model.

Basically, any time I'm about to take up a new hobby I read forums, trade magazines, talk to friends, trawl Google and fish for information anywhere I can get it.

This has served me well over the years. After being stung by the 'buy cheap, buy twice' attitude I now make sure I get exactly what I need.

What I am struggling with now is how to do that for a diet. There are books galore and proprietary information all over the web, but I am struggling with getting independent reviews of these things. When I do find interesting information I am never sure if it would work for me.

If I do try the Lighter Life diet it will be the first time I've put significant investment into something I don't know will work for me. That makes me feel as nervous as the diet makes me feel. £66 a week is not trivial.

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