Monday, 23 April 2007

Spare Ribs

The ribs still hurt. It's quite a good source of exercise though. I can't bend over so I have to squat up and down. My thigh muscles are getting a decent work out.

The journey on the tube to work was a bit bumpy and hurt a bit, but my biggest problem is walking and talking at the same time. I simply run out of breath due to the fact my breathing is very shallow because of the pain.

I went to see the local Lighter Life tonight. I didn't really get any more information than I had already gleaned from the web. To take it further I have to take my form to my GP and get him to fill it in.

It looks like I'll be aiming to lose about ten stones. That is a hell of a lot. Apparently I can expect to lose three stones in the first two months and then one per month thereafter. So I'll be on the course for a minimum of nine months.

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