Saturday, 22 December 2007

Day Five of Route to Management... Christmas shopping

I awoke early enough to be at Brent Cross Shopping Centre at 0900 just as it was opening. I rushed in to buy the specific things the missus had hinted at for Chrstmas.

She wanted a massaging cushion and a jewelery box similar to this. I picked up the massager, bt the correct size and colour of box was not available so I knew I'd have to go into John Lewis on Oxford Street. Bugger. I also wanted to go to Lakeland as I saw a huge marzipn selection box that I knew she'd love as she has a severe marzipan addiction that resurfaces avery Christmas. I saw the exact same thing, but half the size for £30 in John Lewis but knew a larger one was available for £18.00 in Lakeland so didn't buy it. Unfortunately lakeland are now sold out and I don't want to pay the rip off prices, so I'll have to think of something else.

I returned home where I have to joind a work conference call to discuss our plans for the festive period as were are starting to heavily advertise our newest product on TV.

I then decided to brave central London and got the tube to Bond Street. I ran into John Lewis and they didn't have the large jewelery box. They only had medium and extra large. I went for the extra large. At the counter the guy only charged me half price as it was on sale, even though it wasn't advertised. I managed to save myself £65, just as well the other shop was sold out.

For tonight's meal I had two courses. We had smoked salmon on spinach with a little lemon. For my main I had Dover sole on a salad remarkably like yesterday. It was just like real posh food!

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