Monday, 17 December 2007

Day Two Hundred and Twenty Three... Route to Management starts tomorrow!

Today is the last day I will only be eating packs. Tomorrow I start to eat real food. This will be the first bit of none lighterlife food I will hve eating since the 8th of May and I'm not sure whether I'm looking forward to it or not. This part of Lighterlife is called Route to Management. It lasts 12 weeks and phases out the packs and introduces different food groups week by week.

The abstinence phase of Lighterlife is simple. You eat four foodpacks of you choice and four litres of water a day and nothing else. This is dead easy to follow and it becomes like a crutch. There is no thinking about what you are to eat for your next meal, you just eat a pack. Now however the temptation to cheat will appear. The old habbits can slip back. This is the hardest part of the whole journey. The internet is full of blogs that either end at this point or are full of tails of woe.

I am determined to get this right.

I read a statistic which showed that nearly 98% of people that lose 100lbs or more put all the weight back on within three years. 70% do it in one year. I do not want to become one of the 98%. I need to be in the 2%.

I guess the reason so many fail is that they think the diet is over. It is never over. I need to keep setting goals to stretch myself. So far I've managed to reach all the goals I set myself. As soon as I get near to completing one goal I set the next.

Surprisingly I am not particularly looking forward to tomorrow's food. Partly because of the risk that eating will bring, but I hope also that I have started to really get over any food addiction I had.

I am starting my Management programme a day early. This will mean that I will start week two on Christmas Day and week three on New Years day. This will give me a bit more choice at Xmas as well as allow me some steak on the 1st. Steak Pie is a traditional mean for us at New Year, and although I will not be having that, a nice sirloin will be a great comprimise.

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Mrs said...

Dear Guinea

I shall be thinking of you. I know this is a BIG moment!!! I hope you sailed through the first day!

Remember, the deal breakers for Route to Management are:

not enough water - I don't know why but we all fall into that trap
portion control - it SO matters
watch for feeling full - it can be a lot longer than 20 mins
follow the guidelines BY THE LETTER!
Only eat at the table - NO distractions.
No booze until it's allowed.


Good luck; I shall be thinking of you.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxx