Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Day One Hundred and Eighty Eight... weigh in

Just a quick update before bed.

I lost 3lbs this week. Unfortunately this left me 1lb short of my 10 stone target. However, my 139 pounds total is not too shabby.

We talked about where we want to be in future in the class tonight and all I could think about was the goal I've set myself in getting up L'Alpe d'Huez. The enormity of it scares me a bit. I hope it spurs me on rather than causes me to freeze.

I also asked my counsellor to order me in my management book as I reckon in a month or so I'll be ready to start that journey. My BMI is now 26 and is just above the magic 25.

For the first time I am now getting people telling em not to lose anymore weight. When I explain that I am still at least a stone and a half overweight nobody believes me. I am now 14 stones and 7 pounds. I can actually lose 4 stones and still havea healthy BMI. My goal is just to be healthy for the New Year.

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Mrs said...

Dear Guinea

Well done - 3lbs is still 3lbs and just imagine your joy when you cross the 10 stone threshold. Your body is just teasing and testing you!

You know you are close when people start saying "enough already"; you are on the home stretch! Can you believe it?

Keep going; your focus is FANTASTIC!

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxx