Thursday, 15 November 2007

Day One Hundred and Ninety...

I'm wasn't at work to do as I had to go to an appointment with the missus. Once we were done we caught the tube home stopping off at Sloane Square for a look round the. shops.

I fancied a new winter jacket. I had a great waterproof warm parka that I loved and needed to find a suitably large replacement. In the end I found a very snug North Face jacket that should see me through this cold snap and beyond.

A good friend yesterday told be he's planning on getting married next month. This is obviously all happening very fast. He's asked me to be his witness at the registry office, so I guess I'll need to get myself a suit. I had a look today and saw some lovely ones. There's a Ted Baker and a Reiss one that I'm very tempted with. I guess I'm going to have to leave it as long as I can so I am close to my finishing weight as possible. I don't want to spend a whole load of cash on a suit for it not to fit me a month later.

I am really cold tonight, but am feeling good that I am buying normal size clothes. My new jacket is a medium, although my suit size is still on the large side. I am a 42 chest and a 36 waist. I reckon a 40 chest and a 34 waist would be perfect for me. I'm hoping in four weeks I can get down to that size. I this this is an attainable goal. About three weeks ago I got some sale trousers in Next for £5. I bought them in size 36 and a pair of 34s too. At the time I couldn't fasten the 34s, but now they go on in relative comfort, so I should manage a 34 in 'posh' trousers.

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