Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Walking to Mexico

I was bored so I did a little maths tonight. I was running some figures through my head when I realised the following. I found it amazing so I though I'd share it. I hope you find it interesting...

There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat.

I burn up 345 calories walking 4 miles home. Therefore 1 mile = 345/4 = 86 calories per mile.

3500/86 = 40 miles per pound of fat. Multiply by 14 and you get 560 miles of walking per stone.

560 miles is the distance between London in the South of England and Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland.

However, I am trying to lose 10 stones. That is 5600 miles. 5600 miles is the distance between London and Mexico if I walked across the Atlantic and went via New York.

That just goes to show how efficient the human body is. I am currently storing enough energey to walk me to another two continents. Imagine how much petrol that would be in your car.


Lesley said...

That is why we big 'uns can't "just do more exercise" as our skinny compatriots occasionally tell us! We'd have to run a marathon every day and we still wouldn't lose as much as we do on LL! I still think the exercise is excellent though even if a bit slow in shifting the lard.

A clever way of putting it but I'll take my car next time I'm crossing the continent!!

Lesley x

Mrs said...

Hi Guinea

I posted a big comment but think I only did it in preview. Doh! Anyway, I've just caught up with you and my goodness, I had no idea you were the only guy in your group. Surreal, or what?

And how was it with some comrades??

I really like your blog; it's great to have a male perspective and I like your writing.

So, just wanted to make a connection again. Oh yes, can I ask you a techie question? You've got something called labels at the bottom of some of your posts. What are they?

Keep going Guinea! You sound v.chipper again.

Mrs L xxxxxxxx

Guinea said...

The group dynamic hasn't really kicked in yet. They were all getting their foodpacks and looking forward to their first week. I seemed to be provider of sage advice, which is bizarre since I know so little myself. Hopefully we'll end up being a fine bunch of lads.

The labels are tags which describe what the topic is about. You can click one and it will list all my posts with that tag. At the moment it's fairly meaningless since the vast majority of posts are about LL. However, in time, I hope they'll expand into other areas.