Sunday, 13 May 2007

Day Five...

It's been a good day today.

I decided I needed a new power supply for my PC in an attempt to quieten it down. It sounds like a jet engine at the moment, which is annoying when watching films. I popped off to PC World as soon as it opened, bought one and fitted it. It all runs nicely, but still sounds noisy. I'm going to replace the CPU fan next.

I had my check in with my counsellor today to see how I'm getting on on the diet. I was weighed and have lost 13lbs. That's just under a stone.

With Lighterlife that's pretty normal for the first session and I was expecting it. My suspicion is that it's mostly water. Normally people get a huge boost at losing that amount in such a short time, but I can't bring myself to be that excited. I new it was coming and it's not fat. If I stopped the diet tomorrow it would all come back on in about two days.

What's good about it is that fact that I can do it and I'm doing it properly. Physically, this is the easiest diet there is. I feel little hunger and now have decent energy levels. My earlier tiredness seems to have gone. However, all I can think about is food. Food, food and more food.

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