Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Day Eight... Return of the Cheeseburger

A mixed day. No hunger, drank lots of water. Work went well and I managed to tick off a few things that have been hanging around for a while.

I decided to walk home again rather than get the tube. My legs were a bit stiff so I fancied giving them a good workout. As I walked, the entire 4.5 miles just taunted me with the smell of takeaway. I passed burgers, kebabs, curries, fish + chips, Thai, Italian, Lebanese, pizza, chicken all smelling lovely.

Honestly, it was hell.

As I walked I comforted myself with the fact that I could have them all in six months or so. As I thought about it I realised that I need to stop looking at food as a reward. It's pretty perverse to reward yourself for losing half you body weight by eating junk food.

I really need to rewire my brain.

I had a fruit bar for lunch. I didn't get any in my first week, but they are easily the best bar I've had. I have a lemon to try for tomorrow's lunch, I hope it's nice too. This is a break through. The Nut and Toffee bars are pretty vile and I really want to eat bars at work. Mixing stuff in the office would be a pain in the butt.


Ameythist said...

I agree the nut bar is absolutly yuk, I tried one for the first time on Saturday with hot Banana it was ok but wont do it again!! The toffee are my favourite but I make them into biscuits, I cop it in to about 10 small pieces and lay 5 at a time on baking paper in the microwave they expand and become crunchy I then bag them and take to work, that is my dinner to chomp with a brew between 12 and 1, I do the same with the other biscuits too. My smell thing is roast chicken when I cook himself his sunday lunch it is always the chicken that gets me!! onwards and Forwards..............

Lesley said...

Well done on the walking. Great stuff.

Nut bars not too bad toasted with a little salt but overall ot really that great. I still like the fruit and toffee ones either cold or as biscuits so have one every day.

Keep it up!

Lesley x