Monday, 28 May 2007

Day Twenty...

We drove back to London this afternoon. I was much easier than the way there. I drank two litre bottles of water from a Service Station to get my water intake high again. In the station they had lots of fresh cooked bacon and sausage and my stomach ached for some. I quickly exited with my water and continued the drive.

However, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get the bacon out of my mind. I even felt physicaly hungry for the first time in a fortnight. The hunger is still with me now after a soup and lots of water.

All I can think of right now is what I'm missing, what I'd like an how long this programme is going to last. It's pretty depressing stuff.

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Lesley said...

Cheer up Guinea!!!!! You've done really well. Maybe a big weekend like that was a bit ambitious so soon after starting this diet?... I waited for a few more weeks before testing my resolve like that. So, maybe it was understandable that you'd have some pangs?? The thing is though - you didn't give in and ou have learned a lot.

I've been on this diet for yonks now and have been out for loads of meals with family and friends, to wedding to balls and away for a few big weekends with lots of people. I have tried both the avoidance thing at mealtimes and the sitting there while they all eat. I've had good and bad results with both but think, on balance, that it's easier/better to sit with them. Maybe arrive a bit late so you're not there for ages, but do share the meal. I tend to have my soup heated up and brought out at the same time as their starters and then eat a bar while they have their main course. You can then have a coffee or tea with desserts. It sounds awful but, once you're with everyone you can actually enjoy the company and the food is really not taht bad. If you sit separately you end up imagining the fun they're all having and the fod they're eating and your imagination makes it all seem even better than it is in reality.

I have found that the company of my friends and family is actually better than the food and drink - which sounds obvious but really wasn't for me at the time!

I know we're all different but I would at least try sharing the meals in your own way - it can't be worse than missing out can it??

Did the constant explanations and justification of the diet get you down? I've been very open about it to everyone but I know the questions do get to a lot of people. Maybe it's worse for men as people are less likely to be careful about hurting your feelings than they would be with a woman? Don't know why - just seems to be the case.

Anyway, I'm sorry you're a bit down but try a nd look at the positives - you went away, caught some little fish, learned a lot about yourself and the diet and, most importantly, didn't weaken!! That is a major plus. Think how much you would have eaten and drunk if you had not been on the diet? You would have gained weight rather than losing. You're going in the right direction and very soon you will see tangible losses and shrinking waistline and it will all be a lot easier. Trust me!!!

Take care.

Lesley x