Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Day Fifteen...

What a scorcher. I really enjoyed the wak home tonight. I managed, for the most part, to keep my mind off food and just enjoy the sun.

Work was tough, but somehow it all worked out fine. My customers all seemed happy today, and my suppliers have managed to deliver me a large project with tricky timescales on time.

Tomorrow is my last day in the office before heading to the country house for the weekend and I have to do a lot of tidying up before I go.

However, I did get a minor irritation at work. I stepped out of a leaving party for a close friend a colleague because my Lighterlife session was last night. Today a few people came up to me and asked if it was true I'd stopped eating and drinking. They all thought I was a bit mental. I'm not worried that people know, but it was treated as a bit of a joke. In a way it's a bit of a blessing. The reason I didn't tell people was to protect myself if I fail. Failing seems less likely every day now, so more people knowing just adds to my resolve to make it work.


iwilldothis said...

hi !
i know how you feel tonight....ive just completed day 2 of CD and it was tough!!! i havent told a sole about my new way of life in fear of a)being laughed at b) knowing they like me to not succed and C) for not letting them tell me im fine as i am
good luck in your journey....ill keep reading!!

Lesley said...

Great stuff Guinea - over 1 and a half stone!! You will notice proper shrinkage very soon but in the meantime, if your belt feels looser, it is! You've lost over stone so it's bound to be!!

I took the view that everyone would know soon enough about the diet so told everyone upfront and have found it much less stressful that way. You get the odd wind up merchant waving bacon sarnies in your face but at least you know where you stand and mostly it keeps you motivated not to fall off the wagon.

Keep it up!

Lesley x