Friday, 18 May 2007

Day Ten...

Yee ha. I made it to double digit days with no cheating.

Went to the pub tonight and had water. Everyone else had beer and crisps, but I managed to avoid temptation. Actually that's a lie. I was sorely tempted, I just manged not to give in.

The pub wasn't a great experience when not drinking, but not too hard. I definitely wasn't my normal self, but I had no alcohol in me so it's hardly surprising. I left early as the other were going for a meal. I have another night in the pub next week, then I'm off for a long weekend here with a lot of friends. If I get through that I'll manage anything.

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Lesley said...

Oooh Coham looks great. I presume you're going for the fishing?? I would prefer the golf but either way you'll feel fresher and more up for it without all the beer swilling round your system....

Well done on not drinking - I know that a lot of blokes find not drinking in a pub really hard. Hell, I found not drinking quite hard!! I'm used to it now but I found the fact that I couldn't even ring the changes and have a diet coke or a juice instead of a water so dull. Now I add the odd black coffee to warm me up after all the water and it's fine.

I bet you like the feeling in the morning though - no hangover, no muzzy head, more money in your pocket (unless you're in the daft massive round thing where you end up buying everyone elses' drinks even when you're on water??).

For your weekend - I have found working out a strategy in advance helps. Maybe offering to drive somewhere would keep you on the straight and narrow but then you'e stuck out 'til the bitter end. Sometimes it's better to know that you can just disappear when you've had enough even if you then don't - the thought that escape is possible helps.

Sorry I've rambled. Keep it up Guinea

Lesley x