Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Day Twenty Two...

Today was much the same as yesterday. I really cope far better at work. I'm feeling positive about the fact that I've made it through three weeks and at the moment the next 6 months looks easy. I need to be able to save this state of mind and load it up when times get harder.

However there are a couple of points to note. Yesterday morning a weighed myself on my scales in advance of the evening's weigh in. I wanted to check the accuracy of my scales compared to my counsellor's. There was a bit of a difference, but they were broadly similar. Out of interest I weighed myself tonight and I am 6lbs heavier than yesterday morning and 1lb heavier than yesterday's weigh in. Now, I'm not worried about this, but it really shows how your weight can fluctuate.

Tonight I have a Lighterlife milestone. My first dose of constipation. I noticed myself being a little less regular over the weekend and tonight it felt like I was passing a brick. If I am honest, I was lax with my water consumption over the weekend, so I've promised myself to try harder on days when I'm away from work.

Oh, before I go I must thank you for your comments. They really brighten up my day.


Ameythist said...

I must admit I wont go near my scales at home - I am from the old school of "trying every diet in the book" and if I do not show any loss before a weigh I get completely deflated and panic - so now scales are banned! Well done on your loss its a great feeling - I bet its weird having one to one counselling now you are in week 3 and it is a closed group maybe the real mind stuff will start!

SoonBeSlim... It's True! said...

You are so right about the scales, I only wish I could remember that when I too weigh myself and it doesn't say what I want it to say. I think once at goal I will use clothes as my yardstick and not the scales on a daily basis.

Once again, well done on the great weight loss and for hanging on in there. Some days/weeks are tough even though you don't think anything has changed.

The positive thing is getting through it one way or another.

So when are you off to Mexico? LOL.

Keep up the walking, I can't always manage the 10,000 steps.

Take Care

Sam xx

Lesley said...

I weigh myself every morning and, if I don't, that's the danger time for me. I think the discipline of stepping on the scales first thing reminds me to be good each day. Everyone is different.

The trick is not to be downhearted at the fluctuations or, even worse, complacent. I can vary by 5 or 6 lbs over a day too.

Yep, you can get caught out when not in your routine and not drink enough and the resulting constipation can be bitch to deal with. Sort it asap or better still remember to: drink drink drink and I'm not talking about beer....

Lesley x

SilentDave said...

dude - great to hear you are going so well with this program.

I'll be following along, and it'll probably inspire me to get back to the gym.

Keep going mate!!

Dave .........