Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Day One... This Is Not Going To Be Easy

I started Lighterlife this morning.

It's been a bit of a struggle. It's not been hard making it through the day, but looking forward to the next 6 months is pretty depressing.

The food is bland at best, and very unispiring. I randomly selected a chicken soup for breakfast which was quite creamy and not that nice. Lunch was a nut crunch bar, which was, at best, edible. For my evening meal I had a Thai chilli soup, this was easily the best tasting thing so far. Before bed I'm going to try a 'milkshake'.

All of the packs have the same background smell. I can deal with hunger but the boredom of eating 5 different flavour for the rest of this year really sucks.

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Melanie said...


I'm on my lunchbreak and just came across your comment on a fellow dieters blog.

I've just read all your blog and think it's great that you're starting LL. I'm not doing LL I'm trying to lose weight (with food). I've got a total of 10 stone to lose the same as you, and since January have lost 4 stone and on the same weight loss journey you have just begun. It really is worthwhile and the blogging really does help. It's a great place to vent emotions good or bad and personally, I find it a better focal point than the

All the best, stick with it and you'll be just fine. Sorry to hear about the ribs!

Kind Regards,