Thursday, 24 May 2007

Day Sixteen...

It was a crazy day at work today. Things seemed to be going so well yesterday, but I had the carpet pulled from under me today. One of my customers had a last minute change of plans and now wants to do things in a whole new way. I've recently spent £450,000 on IT equipment to support the previous solution which might never be used. Man, I'm pissed off. I walked home (every night this week) and cleared it all out of my head.

I had a few things to do at home tonight before I leave for my long weekend in Dorset tomorrow. Now they're done I'm going to take the laptop to bed and watch a film.

I still have a shake to get down me tonight. I've found if I make them with lots of water I can just down them in one. However, I can't do it too late or I'll be up in the night. I try not to drink anything after 10pm and I can last the night without needing a pee.


What's happening to my guts? They are constantly burbling away and I have loads of trapped wind. When some of it wants to leave I get that feeling that it's not just gas, so I can't risk letting it go. When I get to the toilet I fart like there's no tomorrow and release a tiny bit of liquid. It's a pain in the arse ('scuse the pun).

I'm regular as clockwork in the morning, but the afternoons are bad.

Anyway, I'm off for a few days. See you soon.


Ameythist said...

The gurgling yep thats a side effect! I found I am more windy shall we say with the lemon bars - and the more water I drink effects me too. Unfortunately Constipation is also a side effect - have you tried that minimins site yet there is loads of stuff on it re what we are doing and loads of forums

Lesley said...

You should try going to personal training and being told to bend here there and everywhere and pull in your tummy and tense this tht or the other etc when all you want to do is let rip!! I reckon my buttock muscles were working overtime this evening so tht may be a bonus!

It's not unusual but I have found that it settles down over time and today's personal training problems are fairly unusual now (after 133 days!!)

Have a great weekend.

Lesley x