Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Day Fourteen... Weigh in

I have now completed week two of the Lighterlife Programme. As expected the second week was much easier than the first. I definitely seem to be getting in the swing of things now.

I walked home from work again tonight as a little more exercise before my weigh-in. With the added walking to my Counsellor that puts today's total of steps to a record 15,488. Which makes me pretty happy. I even ran home from tonight's session, although I was very out of breath when I got home.

Anyway, time to cut to the chase. I lost 7lbs this week. That makes my total loss for my first fortnight 22lbs.

If I'm honest, I don't notice any difference yet. However, yesterday morning my belt went a notch further than normal. I haven't decided whether that's my mind playing tricks on me, or there is a real difference. I'm not to bothered. The scales don't lie, and they're going down.

Also, nobody has noticed anything yet. How much do you have to lose before it's obvious?


Ameythist said...

I started at just under 17 stone size 22 clothes on Mothers day - I noticed myself that within about 3 weeks the clothes were getting bigger so I just tucked in to the next size which I had hanging in the wardrobe,gradually slipping into size 20 then 18 I have now lost nearly 3 stone and so under 14 stone and people are noticing all the time now - I find it embarassing and still cannot take the compliment, everyone is different some people shout to the world and enjoy and others do not I am the latter. My Mummy and Sistor noticed within 2 weeks it went from my face, and of course hubby checked everynight for his missing bits!!! Fantastic weight loss Guinea - I luv to hear and read about other peoples weight loss it is given proof that it works if we stick x ps is Guinea related to the country or the pig? I used to breed Guinea Pigs years ago I luv the little things :-)

Guinea said...

My name is actually the nickname I've carried since childhood. It's a mix up of my surname and has nothing to do with pigs or countries.

At school even my teachers called me Guinea.