Saturday, 12 May 2007

Day Four...

It's my first day on the diet without being at work. Saturdays are usually a day where I eat a lot. Normally I'd have a cooked breakfast before heading out fishing. Through the day I'd have a Burger King type meal or sandwiches, as well as crisps and chocolate. Then at night I'd have a meal out with the missus.

Obviously today is different. We went to the cinema this morning as we didn't actually go last night. Twenty Eight Weeks Later was quite scary. Not as strong as the first film but more frightening.

The diet has gone OK today, but I find myself constantly thinking about food. The coming six months fills me with dread. Tomorrow I go for a check in with my counsellor. I hear lots of other dieters losing over 10lbs in their first week so I expect to hear good news. I've stuck to it rigidly and only been having 500 calories a day, so there is no way I can't have lost weight.

I don't feel any kind of physical hunger, but I have a longing for food. I have a vision of a bacon double cheeseburger that will not leave me.

I hope the counsellor has good suggestions for ridding myself of these thoughts. I know I don't need it physically, but my mind says I do.

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