Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Day Seven... Weigh in.

I had my first week weigh in tonight and I've lost 15lbs.

I'm pretty happy with that. It's a pity it will not go as fast as that over the coming weeks and months. I've picked up another bag of food for the week and am ready to rock.

I'm thinking of food less today, but it was in my dreams last night. I dreamt that I'd eaten food by accident and I was really pissed off with myself for not sticking to the diet. How bizarre.


Ameythist said...

Wow well done - I believe it does come off quicker with men so do not be surprised if you continue having great losses. Abstinence is certainly easy I agree with that, wait till you get your dyna band and the gym ball, it is hilararious trying to stay on the ball, my dog think it is a game and throws himself at it.

Guinea said...

Thanks. Losing a stone in a week is quite amazing.

Luckily, as a bloke, I don't get a ball or a band. I think it's just a step counter for me.

Lesley said...

Well done on your great loss - but before you get too big headed (LOL!) and in the spirit of healthy competition!!, I lost 15lbs in my first week!! I think that's pretty good for a bird!!

I'm sure your losses'll outstrip mine very quickly but couldn't resist a little brag...

Re the kilt and jacket, can't you get them taken in? At that sort of cost, there must be some way you can get more wear out of it? My Yorkshire side is sympathising fully with your Scottish roots at the wasted expense ....

Keep it up and well done on the walking. Think how much easier itll be as you shrink..

Lesley x

SoonBeSlim... It's True! said...


Well done on the excellent weight loss. A whole stone, I am jealous!

In the begining it's hard to think how the packs and bars will fit in with your social life, taste buds and will power.

Rest assured you can make it, find you are still having a good time despite the lack of food and alcohol and as an added bonus ..... will be pounds lighter (not just in your walllet!).

Keep up the good work, and will see you at the other side of being slim.