Monday, 14 May 2007

Day Six...

Easiest day so far. Being back at work helps so much. My mind is on more important things than food, so I feel much better.

I got a step counter from my Lighterlife Counseller which I've worn on work days. I average about 7500 on a normal day. I have started getting on or off the tube a stop further away to make up more steps. However, this didn't do enough so today I just walked home from work. It's over four miles, but it was quite pleasant. I'll try to do that a couple of times a week. Today's step count was 14017 which is just fine.

I wasn't hungry at all tonight, but had a bit of a headache which disappeared after a chicken soup. I think got engrossed in a book and forgot to have my fourth meal. I though I'd better have my last one so have just finished a chocolate milkshake. You can really knock those things back.

Tomorrow I have my first full week weigh in. I am hoping that I make a full stone loss this week.


Mrs said...

Hello Guinea

Found your blog via Cath's and it's great to see a guy posting instead. Will read your blog and monitor your progress.

Welcome to the wonderful world of VLCDs and LighterLife and GOOD LUCK.

Mrs Lard x

Ameythist said...

Good Luck re the weigh in it will be nice to see how a fella goes on.
Have you checked out lots of support there as well as our little cirle of blogland