Monday, 18 June 2007

Day Forty One...

The start of another week at work. I'll be doing a few nights this week, so am off to bed. I've just realised that my first weekend was completely temptation free. This was the easiest weekend by far. Normally that is the worst time for me.

Doing nights is a new experience for me. My sleep is normally very regimented, so I'm struggling to sleep in my off hours. This is only for a short time, so I expect to be back to normal soon. I am wondering if I should be taking more meals as I am awake for far longer. I have some spare from missed meals in the past, so will have them on standby if I get hungry.

The Broadband man was supposed to come tomorrow, but he actually turned up today at about 9am. We were quite lucky that the missus was still feeling ill and had taken the day off otherwise there would have been nobody here to help. Anyway, he got it sorted and I'll back online. It's quite amazing how much you miss the web when it's taken away like that. I had no way of checking my work mail, blogs, fishing and photography forums. This just made me realise how much I actually use the web for. I also wanted to check the news, time that the Formula One was on telly and the bus route to Wembly. So it was a bit of a loss.

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