Monday, 18 June 2007

Day Thirty Eight...

I worked through the previous night so mostly just relaxed for the day. I went to WH Smith and bought a load of fishing magazines to get some tips for the summer. I don't often buy magazines as they seem to just reprint the same articles every year. As a beginer they are great, but as you become more experienced they have less value. The other reason I don't much like then is the huge amount of advertising they carry. My flat is now full of flyers for various tackle shops around the country, much to the missus' dismay. I was hoping to find some information on fishing on kayaks, but there was none. I flicked throgh a load of boating magazines too, but also came up blank.

Anyway, the day went fine. I was supposed to do no work, but I was called into a couple of one hour conference calls, so I didn't get as much relaxation as I would have liked.

We're planning a weekend away, perhaps in Brighton this weekend. We'll see where we fancy going in the morning.

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