Thursday, 21 June 2007

Day Forty Three...

I turned up to work around one o'clock for a very important meeting about the future of the operations department in my company. I am the de facto head of operations since there's nobody else doing it. In an attempt to formalise the operations area and cement my own position I've been doing a lot of work recently shaping and planning the team for the future. This involves hiring a whole stack of people and that's a hard thing to get approved where I work.

To cut to the chase, I got every thing I wanted for 'phase 1' which is an additional eight staff, and broad approval for my future plans of increasing my team to fifty one. At the end of the day I couldn't be more happy.

In other good news, one of my regular customers shouted at me, "Dammit, you're getting thinner every day I see you"! That made me very happy indeed.

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