Saturday, 2 June 2007

Day Twenty Four...

I felt a bit strange waking up this morning and was a little dizzy. This is the first time I've had anything like that before. I have a pint of water and a cup of soup and it quickly passed. Maybe I just needed a little energy.

Work was a pain. We had a major failure, whilst at the same time trying to release new features on the website. We worked hard until about 8pm and then left for the weekend.

Leaving work I was starving and this evening's food was definitely needed. I was straight into my foodpack bag the second I got in.

I'm not particularly looking forward to another weekend without real food. However, tomorrow I'm teaching people from work how to flyfish at a local lake, so I'll have something to take my mind off the food. Of course, we are laying on lunch, but I'll just use that as an excuse to get some fishing in myself.

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Lesley said...

Have a good day fishing in the sunshine. Sounds great. I'd rather be doing that than shopping!! Not a normal womam, me!

Actually perhaps I could learn to fly fish on the quiet then surprise the husband one day! That would really cheese him off.... better not...

Have a good day and avoid that lunch.

Lesley x