Sunday, 10 June 2007

Day Thirty Two...

What a difference a day makes. Last night I was ignoring all temptation and felt no need to stray. However, almost since I woke up this morning I wanted to eat.

There was no reason for it. Nothing triggered it. My mood just seemed to have changed. What's odd about it is that fact that last night I was so positive that there was nothing that could get in the way of me completing the course. I couldn't understand why I'd ever stray from the plan. Then bang I was brought down a step or five. I've now learned I cannot be complacent at all.

Since I worked so late the previous night I've had a lazy day. Appart from a trip out to the bank to sort out a problem with my ISA I've done little except sit in from of the computer. I was researching what I'm going to do to jkeep fit once I finish lighter life. As you may have read, I love my fishing. I've decided to buy myself a sea going fishing kayak. The difference between these and normal kayaks or canoes is the fact that you sit on them, and not in them. They are pretty expensive when you include the kayak, fishing bits, clothing, roof rack etc. I think that this is something I'd love to use i the summer months along the south coast. I might even get another one for the missus, although probably without the fishing extras.

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