Saturday, 2 June 2007

Day Twenty Five...

What a great day today. I woke up early to take a bunch of novices fly fishing. There were about 14 of us altogether but only 3 people had any experience.

It was a hard day for beginners to learn. Fish don't really like the sun and the recent weather meant that it was very weedy close to the bank so the casts had to go far. So they had to learn to cast miles to fish that weren't interested, tough ask.

I wandered up and down the line of them, demonstrating and prodding until they were getting it right. I also cast it for them and caught many trout for them to fight and reel in. If I was fishing for myself, I maybe could have had 20.

So it was a success. Many people landed their first ever fish. I think definitely a few of these folks will try it again. Their enthusiasm was driving them to keep going for hours and hours. Eventually at 1800, I packed it in. Ten hours on my feet wandering up and down between anglers was knackering. However, I was mildly disappointed to find I only did 7200 steps.

So a few of us took some fish home. Mine went to a special place since I'm not eating. There is a mini zoo in Syon Park called Tropical Forest that have a couple of crocodiles. They welcome any excess fish with a free visit. So I have a quick look in there with my fishing pals before heading home.

Although I'd drunk lots during the day I downed a couple of pints of water as soon as I got home, and quickly made up a Thai Chili soup.

The other half is off out tonight and I can't decide whether to watch a film or read a book. It's a hard life...

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