Monday, 18 June 2007

Day Forty...

Just another lazy Sunday. Not.

Today, for some reason best known to myself, I decided to do an almighty spring clean. I gutted the flat from top to bottom. It took all day. There's nothing much interesting I can find in housework, so this will not be the most interesting post you ever read. I managed to fill three black bags full of stuff and ship a load of boxes out to the garage. The place looks a lot better. It wasn't at all bad before I started, but I hadn't given it a proper clean for ages. When I mean proper clean I mean empty all my bookcases, CD racks and dust it all before putting the back, plus beating the rugs and washing the curtains.

At the end of it all I decided to get a cleaner so that I don't have to waste entire days cleaning when I could be fishing.

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