Monday, 4 June 2007

Day Twenty Seven...

Another week draws to a close. Tomorrow is my 4th weigh-in. If things continue to go to plan I am now 16% of the way to my target weight. That sounds a lot better that 5 months.

Another fairly normal day at the office except for the fact I got hungry earlier than normal for lunch and felt hungry again in the late afternoon. It was real hunger, not just wishing for better food. The packs filled me up and I felt fine soon after consuming them.

My friends find it hard to beleive that I'm not always fainting or having headaches, even though I am only on 500 calories a day. Although I had a funny comment at work today from someone who doesn't know I'm on the programme. She offered me a chocolate which I declined. "Never mind", she said, "you're hardly wasting away". I laughed as I thought, "If only you knew".


Mrs said...

Dear Guinea

I tried to comment on your last but one post but it didn't stick so am trying again with tonight's.

First, re the weigh in, I agree totally with Lesley. My weight at home (home scales) was always different to my LLC's scales BUT the differences varied too, from week to week. Sometimes they were a pound different, sometimes four! So don't worry.

Re tonight's post, glad you feel more positive and your sense of humour is definitely coming through. I have to say your last comment made me laugh! Very drole! Or should that be droll (doesn't look right)?

Keep going and thanks for the comment during the manic weekend, which is spilling nicely over into the week....

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxxx

Lesley said...

You'll hopefully do exercises about ascertaining the difference between real hunger and head hunger. My LLC is always saying that we're not really hungry - it's all in our heads but, frankly, I'm sure that sometimes I AM actually hungry so sod her!! Other times of course, you just want something to fill a gap, whatever that might be.

4 weeks. You're really motoring now. Good luck for tomorrow.

Keep wasting away.

lesley x