Thursday, 7 June 2007

Day Thirty...

I have just realised I think about food a lot less these days. In the first two weeks I couldn't get food out of my mind. If something would have made me quit back them it would have been the mental torment of not being able to concentrate on anything else.

Don't get me wrong, I still miss food. But the aching longing that pestered me every waking hour has dissipated. I can talk comfortably about the food I miss without hunger pangs. However, when it's something I really miss I mentally count down the days until I know I can get it.

This is the thing I need to fix. I need to replace food as the thing I look forward to with something else. I find it hard to do that. What else gives the same about of pleasure for £10 than a Chinese buffet with crispy duck, or a curry with cold beer. Ideas?


Mrs said...

Hi Guinea

Still love your blog! Do you mind if I use your comments about wasting away in my blog (full credit given, of course!)?

Anyway, here are my thoughts on missing what we LOVE.

When I started LL, I kept thinking when it's over, I will eat X,Yand Z ie I'll still enjoy those things that got me to being a slither away from being super obese.

BUT as the diet has gone on, those feelings have diminished because so much of it is habit. I like nothing more than a bottled beer (or 3), particularly with my husband. BUT I have not touched alcohol - even on holiday - and this has been a MASSIVE surprise. A cold mineral water (sparking) really is ok. Even when watching the footie with people who WERE enjoying a tasty Chinese takeaway!

I still crave a curry but not in the same way because soon you'll realise that you just can't put away what you used to. Not because it's become demonised but physically you won't be able to. OR you can enjoy it but in smaller amounts. When I have time this weekend, I'm going to write about moderation but you are still at a relatively early stage so these changes will come.

Lesley wrote about mourning for our old favourites/habits, which I totally agree with. What I've come to realise is that life isn't worse, it's just different. Sorry, that sounds very heavy.

Obviously I don't know how much of the counselling side of things the guys do but in the female sessions you really do see and understand the role that food plays in your life and it probably isn't a healthy one. That is not to say that all food is bad; of course it isn't but we wouldn't be doing LL if we had managed our relationship with food in a good way.

I think as you go on, your feelings will change.

Hope this helps and realise I've been a bit serious this morning; I think it's sitting in a cold house with no lighting or heating whilst waiting for the builders before I head off for work.

Take care.

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lesley said...

Hi Guinea - I wrestled with that one too. What non-food treats could I have? I started with things like mags, bubble baths etc - which probably wouldn't appeal to you and didn't really do the trick for me either.

As time has gone on though, I realise the need for "treats" at all has diminished. I don't have to self-medicate as I was obviously doing with food, because I'm lighter and feel better about myself. So, hopefully it's not a case of replacing one treat for another but of not needing the treat as much?

Also, you get more active and I came to really enjoy the exercise rather than it being a means to an end. So now I see a good run in the countryside or a decent walk with the dog as a treat (sounds barking I know). It's all me time which is like gold dust.

And thre's always skinny clothes - they're a real treat, believe me!!

When food is back on the agenda, I don't think I'll drink nearly as much as I used to (and I was a bit of a party drinker in my time) and I'll see the event and the company as the treat, rather than the food and drink (unless the food and drink is very special - you know lobsters and champagne etc!!).

Hope that helps a bit - it's your mindset that will change I think.

Keep it up - you're doing very well resisting the torment.

Lesley x

Guinea said...

THanks for the comments folks.

Mrs L, feel free to use my posts, you're more than welcome.

I think I'll explore the whole treat thing more in future. That bothers me, as does losing the social aspect of eating out with the missus. There is a big hole there that needs filling.

Lesley, maybe you're right and I'll lose the urge to have these treats. At the moment I am saving lots of cash, so I definitely can fill the gap with something, I just don't know what.