Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Day Twenty Eight... Weigh in

Very busy day at work. I think this is going to be one of those weeks. I don't mind, as it keeps my mind focused, but I know I'll be knackered by the end of the week.

I had a wierd dream last night. I had eaten a packet of jelly babies by mistake and was really stressing about screwing up my ketosis. I dreamt about food at the start of the programme, but haven't for a couple of weeks.

I lost 3lbs this week. I thought it might have been less, so am not too disheartened. I knew it was coming as I went up n weight for a few days after my last weigh-in.

From the three new starters from last week, one lost 10lbs, one lost only 4lbs and the other didn't turn up.

Ho hum. Here comes another week.

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Lesley said...

The dream was probably prompted by your having a smaller loss than usual I'd say. Still, 3 lbs is 3 lbs and you would have been overjoyed with that sort of loss if you'd gone to WW or SW!! Back to the big numbers next week.

Did you ever watch The Biggest Loser? They'd slog their guts out some weeks and have a small loss only to bounce back the next with some phenomenal loss. Hopefully that'll be you.

Have a good week.

Lesley x