Friday, 22 June 2007

Day Forty Four...

It was another late start today after a long night. These long nights are going to continue over the weekend. I said I'd do them as long as there were none the week after.

I'm finding it hard to eat my 4 packs a day at the moment as I am awake a silly times. It's a poor excuse and I need to make sure I get them. I'm coming down with a cold and I don't know whether it's down to poor nutrition, no sleep or over work. Either way, next week I'll get back to normal.

I was giving the annual appraisals to some of my team today. We go through this process every year. It consists of filling out a form, meeting with boss for an hour to go through form and last year's objectives, redoing form after boss points out all the things you were too lazy to do and then sending it off to HR for it to be filed. It all seems pointless, but we have to do it. I have 21 staff members, so it takes me almost an entire week to get through them all.

I walked home as usual today, but decided to go much faster. I did the walk in just over an hour. It felt like a decent bit of exercise. I think I'll time myself more often. I found myself losing concentration and dawdling until I remembered I was trying to go fast and speeding up again.

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