Sunday, 3 June 2007

Day Twenty Six...

Dull day. Spent most of it on the computer completing preperation for meetings this week. This weekend has been the easiest on the diet so far.

However, I still have one pack to eat, so I'm going to knock it back now and head to bed.

I think I may be about to have one of those low weight loss weeks I've read about. I am still the same weight I was on weigh-in day last tuesday. So the next two days will have to be amazing if I am going to see any real losses. I'm not too bothered. I know that I am burning far more calories than I am eating, so I must be burning fat.

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Lesley said...

YOu sound so sensible. I fretted when I had my first low weight loss week (down to 2lbs) but now take the odd blip in my stride. It's the only thing to do. As long as you know you've stuck to the plan, it'll come off.

But - I have also found that my scales ocasionally lead me very much astray in predicting what I will lose at class. I've lost more and less than I thought so you might be pleasantly surprised.

Good luck and I'm glad you had a relatively painless weekend.

Lesley x