Saturday, 2 June 2007

First Sign?

I've consitently said that I've noticed no difference to myself since starting this diet. I've had a few people that have said that I look different, but only AFTER I mentioned I was changing my eating habits, so they don't count.

Anyway, to the point. My watch, which was always a little slack on my wrist, kept completely rotating as I drove to my fishing this morning. Every corner I went rounf turn my watch round on my wrist. I kept puting it back and it kept turning upside down again.

I thought that was my first real sign, other than the scales, that I was losing weight. However, I'm trying to spin it now and it doesn't work. I do notice my watch getting tighter on hot days, so maybe that's why it doesn't turn now.

Still looking for the first conclusive sign.


anita said...

Hi Guinea, Thanks for your comment as you'll see from my latest blog did much better with the water, have realised need to have bottle with me when driving or shopping so as it is always to hand and reminds you to drink it, when its sat on my desk it gets forgotten especially when busy.

In reply to your "First Sign?" Do your clothes not feel loser? or as a friend of mine used to say when she started to lose weight there's more of you in your clothes than hanging out!! I have noticed just in the few days I have been doing it that my watch and my rings are a lot loser.

Ameythist said...

My rings spun around and a strange thing but my knickers came up higher - it was so funny that hubby called them Bridgets - Too much info I know but thats what happened!

Lesley said...

Yeah, flesh expands in and out depending on the temperature. I think women are more susceptible to changes due to water retention etc but it can be quite noticeable. You are shrinking though and soon it'll hit you because your trousers will start falling down!!!

The fishing lesson sounded great - a lot more sucessful than D seems to be!! He's only caught one fish so far. Poor love...

Lesley x