Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Day Thirty Five... Weigh in

It's the end of week five tonight and time for my latest weigh in. The week has been my easiest on Lighterlife so far. Only really one day of temptation. The rest of the week was plain sailing.

We lost another member of the group this week. Three sessions ago we had four, last week three and this week only two. Maybe I'm scaring them off.

I was a bit worried this week after a disappointing loss last week. I've been gulping the water down and walking miles to see if that will help lose th weight. However, my scales at home say I've lost very little so I am a bit apprehensive again this week.

All my worry turned to joy when I was weighed on the official scales. I am 7lbs down on last week. Woo hoo. That makes my total loss 38lbs after 5 weeks.

This is the first time I've been genuinely happy after a weigh in. I did a lot of research and knew what to expect so the first weeks were not a surprise. I took a little knock last week, but this week's effort has made it all perfect again.

We covered goal setting this week in the counselling session. I told that my goal was to buy a kayak and go paddling regularly. This is all tied in with Lighterlife. THe money I save not buying food and drink will fund the purchase and I need to be a certain weight or I can't use the kayak I want. It will also help me keep fit after I finish the programme.

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