Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Day Twenty Nine...

Other than the reading on my scales, I haven't had any proof that I've made a difference to my health or appearance whilst being on Lighterlife. However, today I got conclusive evidence.

When my doctor filled in my medical form my blood pressure was 158/117. This was high due to a number of factors. Being overweight, being in pain from broken ribs and having a family history (both sides) of high BP meant that I was always a risk.

This morning I had my first monthly check in with my GP. He was happy with my weight loss and was very supportive. The best news was my blood pressure had dropped to 128/84. That is very normal and I'm very happy!

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Lesley said...

That's great news and total justification for the decision to start LL. I wish I had the same effect - my BP was at the high end of normal before I started and then has gone up!! I'm attached to a 24hour BP monitor as I type which is vyer annoying. I'm hoping it's on its way down at the moment and will be in the normal range soon.

Why do I have to be the freaky BP going up girl??

Very pleased for you though.

Lesley x