Sunday, 2 September 2007

Day One Hundred and Seventeen...

For some reason I awoke early this morning and couldn't return to sleep. I gave up about 8am and had a shower. The missus was waking as I left the house to clean the kayal and the car.

After a while she appeared on her way out for a run with her friends. I'd just finished washing everything and said I'd be going out for a bit.

I then went into central London. I wanted to look at a few things in town. Note, I said look, not buy. Anyway, about an hour into looking around a few shops I get an unusual number call me on my mobile. It was the missus, she gone off expecting me to still be around when she got back and was locked out.

So I had to stop my visit and head home. I was quite interested to see what size I was in various shops, but I thought it better to appease the missus and head back.

For the rest of the day I've just been catching up with the washing and did a spot of tidying up. In a couple of minutes we're off to bed to watch a film and get some early sleep.

1 comment:

Mrs said...

Wow! Amazing photos! Great to see you a) in action and b)as you are!

It sounds as if you had a great weekend, in spite of the shower radio.

Well done - you are doing great!

Mrs Lxxxxx