Saturday, 8 September 2007

Day One Hundred and Twenty Three...

I awoke early this morning. All the stuff happening at work was running through my head. I got up, did a little pottering around the house before loading up the car for the missus and watching the New Zealand vs Italy rugby match on the TV.

When the match was done I caught the tube into town so that I could pick some stuff up in Maplin. I also wanted to get some shirts and shoes. I got some of the stuff I needed from Maplin, but they didn't have everything, so another trip will be needed.

I then walked to Selfridges to see about some shirts. On the way I passed Marks and Spencer's so I decided to see what their shirts were like. I picked out one I liked in a size XL and L and took the pair to the changing rooms. I tried on the large first. It was strange trying on smaller clothes, they feel different to put on. It fitted. It wasn't exactly roomy, but there was no clinging anywhere. I was chuffed. I left the changing room and picked out another four shirts.

When I got to Selfridges I went to the watch counter. About 18 months ago I treated myself to a rather expensive Breitling watch which recently has been losing about two minutes a week. It's becoming a liability. The woman I spoke to me suggested that this was normal, but I wasn't having it. I spoke to the watch repaired and he said to return with the guarantee and they'd send it off to get it retuned. I'm hoping that will fix it. However, I'll be watchless for weeks and that pisses me off. I hate not wearing a watch.

I had a look at the shoes there too, but they were a bit too poncy for me. I have size twelve feet and this seasons return to winkle picker styled shoes look even more ridiculous on me. Instead I went to Russell & Bromley where I picked out a nice looking pair. They always seem to have great quality shoes in there. They are a bit pricey, but they last forever. It's nice to go into a shop where they actually care about which shoes you buy and if they fit.

Tonight I mostly watched TV. I caught a repeat of the England vs USA match and watched a program about American crab fisherman working off Alaska. It looked about the most dangerous job in the world. It think the missus has decided to stay over at her mum's tonight, so I'll probably go to bed early myself. I wanted to get some work done today, but I haven't. Tomorrow I must get it complete.

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Lesley said...

You've got the clothes shopping bug! It's great to be able to just pick stuff up in normal sizes isn't it? Makes buying clothes much more fun; less of a "what fits me?" and more of "what looks good on me?".

Sounds like a productive day. We've been doing nothing but gardening this weekend but it's the right sort of gardening - the making the garden look nicer stuff rather than the tearing it all up and making a mess stuff which is soul destroying!

Have a good Sunday!

Lesley x