Friday, 3 August 2007

Day Eighty Seven...

Friday's are a strange day at work. For some reason I always have far less meetings. Through the week, I have at least six meetings a day, on Monday I had thirteen. However, today I only had three. This should mean that I get lots of real work done on a Friday. Fat chance. You see, Friday has another unusual characteristic. Everything breaks on a Friday. So, rather than get a lot done, today was another day of fire fighting.

I've checked our records, and Fridays contain about 60% of the week's incidents. I don't know why yet, but I have my suspicions. Fridays are a busy day and people try to get their week's work done. This involves a lot of rushing and lest checking than normal. When people then launch their hurried, unchecked problem it all goes to hell in a hand basket.

That's what happened today. And Last Friday. And the Friday before...

The truth is, I love it. I am an operations person through and through. True ops folk love the stress when the shit hits the fan. It's the hero/saviour character flaw that's in us all. My job is to stop fix failures, and make sure they never happen again. I do this. Luckily there's a never ending list of reasons that feeds my Friday buzz. So while I get stroppy to people who launch bad things and damage 'my' website, I guess I actually enjoy it.

Today another colleague who I hadn't seen in a while took a look at me and went "wow"! I'm getting used to the reaction. He offered congratulations and then checked himself as he asked is I was ok. I'm getting that more and more recently. I've asked a few folk if I look ill, but apparently I'm fine.

It's after 7pm on a Friday night. Normally I'd be in the bar at work or on the way to a restaurant. Instead, I am writing my blog and planning a fishing trip for the weekend. This would have felt ridiculous, and a bit sad a few months ago, but it doesn't feel so bad now.

I'm also thinking of heading to a kayak/canoe shop this weekend to see what's available. I might head down to Brighton, do a spot of sea fishing and look in Brighton Canoes. This missus is off paint balling, so I have the day to myself.

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I may go under the 19 stones mark soon. Well it happened this morning - I weight 18st 13lbs. Of course, now I am dressed and had my soup I now weight 19st 7lbs. It'll be a while before it is my real Lighterlife weight.


Lesley said...

But you know the 18's are going to happen sooner rather than later so well done for being nearly there!

Friday's are like the Marie Celeste at my work place - can't find anyone to do anything!! Still, I do get loads done on Fridays and usually leave early to boot - gotta love flexitime!

Have a good weekend and go steady in the Canoe/Kayak shop - we know what you're like now.....!!!

Lesley x

Mrs said...

13 meetings in a day? That's insane!!!

Anyway, just caught up with you and CONGRATULATIONS - it's a huge milestone. You're in the 18s!

Have a great weekend and, as Lesley says, keep an eye on the pursestrings!

Take care and well done.

Mrs Lxxxxx

Guinea said...

I should have read these comments BEFORE I went out.

Confession coming later...