Saturday, 18 August 2007

Day One Hundred and One...

I woke up as hungry as I was when I fell alseep the night before. I had a shake for breakfast and a bar for lunch and it still didn't remove the feeling. As soon as I got home from work I had another shake, followed by another around eight o'clock. I still felt hungry. I went out with the missus to meet to friends in the pub. Although the huger disappeared from my mind when I was socialising, as soon as I left the pub I felt hungry again. I vary rarely feel hunger these days, so this is not welcome. With my recent slow down in weight loss and the resulting legnthening of my abstinence from food, this is not what I need.

I had another day of job interviews at work. This time I managed to actually hire someone. It makes it so much more worthwhile.

The pub was quite nice. We arrived late on and most people were drinking cocktails, so my glas of ice water didn't really make me stand out. I wasn't self concious at all. We left early, as we wanted to get up early as we're heading to the V Festival in Essex tomorrow. It looks like rain, but I hope it's nice.

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Lesley said...

There's another blogger, Sandra (kiwirevo), who went to that V - hope you both had a good time and didn't get too wet and muddy.

Hope the hunger receded as it's a bugger isn't it?

Have a good week.

Lesley x