Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Day Eighty Four... weigh in

I decided to work from home today since I had to wait for the couriers to pick up the bike. A quick phone call to the helpful lady at Interparcel first thing sorted out the problem.

I then caught up with my email and did what I needed to do until about 3pm when I decided to go fishing. I wanted to use my new kit and the afternoon looked really gorgeous. After a quick drive out of London, I arrived at the fishery. It's a series of three lakes which normally are very clear, however, today they looked a bit green. There was a lot of weed which is common on these small lakes in the warm weather. This makes the fishing pretty hard.

I didn't catch for the first hour or so on the big lake, so I moved to the smaller on on the far end where I caught a fish almost straight away. It was a lovely looking rainbow trout which I put back. I put almost all the fish I catch back, unless I am to eat them or I have an order from a mate. At the lakes I was at today, you are supposed to kill all the fish you catch. You buy a ticket that entitles you to a number of fish and once you catch them you leave. To make my ticket last a bit longer, and if nobody is looking, I release the fish.

I left earlier than I would have liked in case I was delayed in traffic on the journey back to London. I didn't want to be late for my Lighterlife session tonight. Of course this meant that the traffic was perfect and I made it back in record time.

At the session I did a keto stick just before getting weighed to get every last ounce out of me. I'm not normally that bothered, but recently my weight loss has slowed and I expected this week to be the same. My expectations were right. I lost 3lbs again this week. I understand that on Weight Watchers that would be an amazing week, but for 8 weeks or so I averaged 7lbs a week, so it's really peanuts.

There is some good news though. This has taken my total up to 72lbs and I have broken through the 5 stones barrier. That's a hell of a load of weight to lose, especially when I still really don't notice the difference. I did get measured again. All the numbers were down. My chest is decreasing more rapidly than my gut though. When I started my chest was broader than my belly. Now the opposite is true. I'm going to end up pear shaped!

The group was strange today. One of the regulars wasn't there as his shifts were in the way. The other two guys both cheated. I have, so far, remained 100% on Lighterlife without deviation. I have too much weight to lose, and simply do not think I could see the next three of four months through if I was always tempted. I'm probably an all or nothing kind of guy. It seems that some people can cheat no problem, but I am just not going to risk it.

Milk Week. I've heard lots about this, and tried to look up information online about it. Since I've just finished my 12th week I expected it to be mentioned on my session tonight, but it didn't come up. I'm not really looking forward to it when, or if, it comes along. I haven't had a glass of milk for 20 years and the idea of one now does not fill me with joy. For those who don't know, Milk Week is a way of getting your calories up over 1000 for a week to give your body a rest from the assault that is a VLCD. It consists of drinking milk, either in your shakes or just on its own. I've wondered if anyone has a solution that's better? I thought of cheese? However, it's a trigger food and might be the worst thing to eat. Especially since it's something I specifically thought (fantasized?) about.

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Lesley said...

Well done on the 5 stones lost - wqhat a great achievement. You must feel different surely?? You certainly sound different in your posts - much more active and less diffident.

DON'T CHEAT! I've done it (although not for quite a while after I started) and it DOES make it harder and ultimtely slow you down. Learn from my mistake and keep to the straight and narrow as long as you possibly can - if nothing else, it's mind blowing achievement (there's that word again).

The belly and chest'll balance out eventually. We women tend to lose our hips, bums and thigh fat last and I've heard that blokes hold on to their belly fat for as long as possible!! Sod's Law eh?

Lesley x