Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Day Seventy... weigh in

Today I completed my tenth week on Lighterlife. It's been a journey of highs and lows. The first couple of weeks were hell as I couldn't get food out of my mind. This settled down into optimism and then onto bored routine. Only occasionally when changing my routine, like going on holiday, does it get tough again. Everything else seems fine. I have plenty motivation for carrying on. My new kayak which I will buy as a present, a new healthy me, getting fit on the bike, all the compliments I'm getting at work. It all seems to be going good.

I've heard a lot of people say that the middle of the diet gets dull and people think more of cheating once the huge weight loss becomes less novel. I've not had that at all, but I think I built up the defence mechanisms to cope with it. Also, this is the time that people have started to notice, so that provides me with all the encouragement I need. However, as I've said before the end of my journey to lose the weight is still a long way off and that's when the hard work starts.

I was a few minutes late for my session as I forgot I had to go to the bank to pick up some cash to pay my counsellor. I normally always have cash, but these days I simply never visit a bank. I cycle or walk everywhere and never eat out. I might stop carrying my wallet around with me.

I knew my weight loss would not be to great this week as I've been monitoring my progress closer as I up the miles I am doing on the bike. I lost 4lbs which now gives me a total of 66lbs lost in 70 days. 4lbs is a good bit lower than my average, but with all the exercise I'm doing I am hoping this is because I've been putting on muscle.


Mrs said...

Way to go, Guinea!

You're doing really well. Saw your other post about side-effects; like Lesley, my hair is also beginning to fall out. Not so great as mine is already very fine (as in thin - the only bit of me that was!).

Anyway, get yourself some psyllium husks (Solgar are v.good) - get the capsules NOT the powder and you should be sorted! Some people on minimins have said these have taken them out of ketosis but I have been fine with them.

Are you on 14 weeks of Foundation like the girls or is it different for guys?!

Mrs Lxxxxxxx

Lesley said...

Hi Guinea

Saw your comments on Mrs' blog which apply equally to me to be honest.

I'd stick to abstinence as long as you possibly can because, once off it, it's awfully difficult to regain that purity of purpose. Having said that, there is more than one way to skin a cat so I'm sure we'll all get there and all mistakes are learning experiences.

Well done on such a great total and keep it up. What is you group like? Same people you started with or have you gone into a new Development group? Not sure what the LL experience is like for men.

Lesley x