Sunday, 8 July 2007

Day Fifty Three...

We got home from the pub last night and we also had a couple of folks sleeping over last night so we were quite late getting up. Normally I like to leave for Scotland very early in the morning, but this time we left about 1230.

The drive up to the Highlands was very fast. We were heading to my mother's 22 miles North of Inverness. The roads were clear and we were never held up in any queues. The journey was easy, but my first trip to a service station was a bit nasty. The smell of Burger King and KFC was very hard to take. We always stopped for one of these meals on the way up and down, but not this time. I had taken a bar in to eat whilst the other half had something, but I had to just make my excuses and leave. The missus is very understanding and just finished her food and met me back in the car.

We finally got home around 10pm. My mother commented again and again about how much weight I'd lost. I did the same back as she's also a lot lighter.

Soon after getting there I went off to bed and slept like a baby until the morning.

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